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Personal injury cases can be extremely uncomfortable and stressful to deal with, and we know that. Founding attorney Hank Doyle has been providing individuals, families, and small businesses with expert personal injury representation for over 20 years. Below are several frequently asked questions that will hopefully clear up any questions you may have.

Personal injury cases are potentially given when a person has suffered physical injury as the result of an accident or event that was caused by the negligence, carelessness, or intentional actions of another person. A successful claim will have a legal basis that puts the responsibility on the at-fault party.  There has to be a direct causal link between the responsible parties’ actions and your injury.  Your injury has to be compensable, with documentation, medical and otherwise, that can be used to place a monetary value on your case.

Possibly.  To recover for your injuries in a car accident, it has to have been caused by the negligence of the other driver. You cannot be at fault in any way. Once that is established and you have a compensable injury, you potentially have a valid case.

Usually after the accident, law enforcement arrives at the scene fairly quickly. The investigating officer will write up an accident report including the result of his findings as to what happened and what caused the accident. Often the accident report will make it clear who is at fault.  Sometimes it won’t, and the question of liability is unclear.  There can be conflicting statements from the drivers and witnesses. The assistance of an experienced Wake Forest personal injury lawyer is vital. Effectively marshaling the evidence and arguing your claim can mean the difference between winning a personal injury case and losing one.

There are several types of damages in these cases.  First, is the loss you incurred for medial expenses.  Your medical bills are part of your claim.  Also included are lost wages.  If you missed work due to your injuries, you are entitled to recover these wages.   You can recover damages for pain and suffering.  The injuries the other driver caused you resulted in physical pain and you are entitled to recover money in compensation.

Sometimes people are injured so seriously that they will never completely recover. They have permanent disability and limitations.  People in these situations are entitled to be compensated financially for the effect these permanent injuries will have over the course of their lives.

Generally speaking, the other driver’s insurance is not going to pay your medical providers directly. Your medical insurance will pay your bills as they come due. Once you obtain compensation from the other driver’s insurance carrier, you may have to reimburse your medical insurance carrier. This is known as subrogation

If you incur medical bills and have no medical insurance or pay them out of pocket, you will be compensated when you make a successful claim against the other driver.

An experienced personal injury attorney will take on the burden of gathering the evidence and putting together your claim.  You should be focused on your recovery and get back to your job and regular lifestyle. Once the evidence is gathered, your attorney will make a formal demand for the insurance company.  If a settlement can be reached, your attorney will collect the funds, pay any outstanding medical bills and then disburse the proceeds to you.  If no settlement is reached, your attorney files a lawsuit against the other driver and seeks to prove your case in court so that a jury will award a judgment in your favor.

No.  Never give the other insurance company a statement.  Talk with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as you can after the accident.

Not seeking immediate medical evaluation and treatment will often sabotage any claim you may have.  It is vital to get checked out by a doctor.  If you aren’t hurt, then you are lucky and haven’t lost anything.  If you have an injury that isn’t obvious at first but is serious and manifests over time, not having medical treatment and documentation severely weakens your claim later.

At The Doyle Law Offices, P.A., we do not charge a consultation fee for personal injury cases.  If we take your case, our fee is on a contingency.    The attorney fee is a percentage of any recovery or verdict we obtain for you.  If we do not get money for you, there is no attorney fee.

Yes.  We are happy to meet you at the hospital, your home or anywhere that is easiest for you.

The Doyle Law Offices, P.A. is committed to representing the rights of injured clients. We have been representing clients in Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Apex, and across North Carolina faced with this situation for nearly 20 years. We know how to fight for your rights to obtain the maximum compensation that you deserve.

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