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Develop a proper estate plan and avoid severe financial and legal consequences.

A proper estate plan takes into account many different factors, including your assets, liabilities, tax issues, business dispositions, health, and perhaps most importantly, the needs of your loved ones.

It’s easy to see how quickly the legal landscape of your will, trusts, or estate can complicate — and it only takes one small mistake to have severe financial and legal consequences.

For 20 Years, Wills & Estate Attorney Hank Doyle Has Assisted Clients With:

A common misconception is that wills and estate planning are things that only the wealthy need to worry about. The reality is that everyone needs to have a will and estate plan in place to provide for the future of family and loved ones. If somebody dies without a will, then an application to the Clerk of Superior Court for Letters of Administration is required. To avoid this difficult process, be prepared with a will.

This is not an area to cut corners or take chances. We highly recommend hiring a seasoned lawyer to guide you through the process.

If you want your will to be “self-proving”, you will need to go to a notary. Otherwise, you do not need to have your will notarized. That said, it is absolutely recommended that you have your will closely examined by a well-versed, experienced attorney.

In North Carolina, passing without a will is a frightening thing. Your property will be dispersed to your spouse, closest relatives, and children. If you have no children, spouse, or relatives who are close to you, your parents or grandchildren would be entitled to your property. That said, please keep in mind that each case varies.

Wills can help you protect your family and property from dishonesty. They allow you to leave your hard-earned property to specific people or organizations which you’re affiliated with, deem a personal guardian to care for your children (if they’re considered a minor), name a trusted person to oversee your minor children, and, lastly, name an executor (the person who will ensure all of your will-related requests are executed).

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