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Any personal injury case can be devastating. But when the inflicted injury results in death, the stakes are much higher. This makes the services of an experienced and dedicated wrongful death attorney in Cary more essential than ever.

What is a Wrongful Death?

When a person loses his or her life due to the actions or inaction of another, a legal claim may be made for a wrongful death. A death is considered "wrongful" if the victim died because another person did something that was negligent or violent, or did not do something that he was under a legal duty to do.

Such deaths can be the result of injury in car accidents, medical malpractice, dog attacks, assaults, defective premises and numerous other circumstances.

Wrongful death cases are usually litigated and tried under various applications of the law of negligence and tort, depending on the facts and circumstances of each case. If a person's death is found to be wrongful, there is legal ground to recover damages and compensation.

Collecting Financial Compensation in Wrongful Death Cases

It may appear unseemly to seek financial compensation after a person dies. However, children left behind will still need to be reared and educated.

Surviving spouses have lost support, comfort, income and future financial security. Hospital bills and funeral costs will have to be paid. Unfortunately, bills and debts don't empathize in the event of someone's passing.

Life continues on, leaving family and friends to cope emotionally and financially. Filing a North Carolina wrongful death suit to collect compensation can remedy the pressure of these issues, and provide relief for both aspects.

We live in a civil society, in a nation of laws. Legal wrongs are compensable financially, and such compensation represents the protection that the families of wrongful death victims are absolutely entitled to.

Pursuing Justice in Wrongful Death Lawsuits for 20 Years

No amount of money can make up for the loss of human life. Attorney Hank Doyle understands this, and works tirelessly and compassionately to help the loved ones left behind recover sufficient compensation and deliver justice for those who wrongfully lost their life.

Hank will personally work with you during this difficult time -- not like the big law firms. Over the last 20 years, The Doyle Law Offices, P.A. has handled numerous wrongful death cases in Cary, Raleigh, Holly Springs, Apex, Wake Forest, and across NC, including car accident deaths, motorcycle deaths and malpractice deaths.

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