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Over the past several years, attacks by dogs and other household pets have received increased media attention. Experiencing a dog bite is often times a devastating and emotional event that can result in serious injuries and, in some cases, even death. While incidents range from people of all ages, a fairly high percentage of vulnerable children have been reported.

Experienced a Dog Bite?

There are several repercussions from dog bites or other animal-related attacks that often include both physical and emotional distress. By deciding to take legal action, you can very well protect others from experiencing the trauma that you experienced. If you or a loved one has experienced a dog bite or any other animal-related attack, we are here to help fight for the financial compensation you deserve. Because dog bites are such inconvenient, demanding and challenging situations, receiving the proper guidance and representation is imperative.

Attorney Hank Doyle brings two decades of experience delivering results-oriented personal injury legal representation in Cary to clients both large and small. Hank is able to answer any legal questions including:

  • What rights do you have as a victim of a dog bite?
  • What exactly are dog owners responsible for?
  • How long is too long to wait after a dog bite?
  • How can a North Carolina dog bite lawyer help you?

Responsibilities of Dog Owners

There are several responsibilities of owning a dog, but the most relevant responsibility is keeping your dog under control at all times. What exactly does having control over your dog entail?

  • The dog respects and recognizes other's personal space at all times
  • The dog does not struggle with crowd control or being in highly-populated environments
  • The dog has Id tags and is easily identified in case of an emergency
  • Ensuring the dog has been spayed and neutered, which will help mellow he/she out

By having full control of your dog(s) at all times, dog bites are less likely to occur.

Distress After a Dog Bite

Along with the physical and emotional distress after experiencing a dog bite, there are also other characteristics that should never be overlooked such as:

  • Insurance and Liability issues
  • Contacting anyone who may have witnessed the incident
  • Taking photos of the incident scene and injuries
  • Documenting specific injury details and any medical bills associated with them
  • Proof of lost earnings for any work absences caused by the incident
  • Accessing the dog that bit you

Dog Ownership Negligence

Like any other personal injury case, dog bite victims must prove any negligence on the owner's behalf.

Negligence is known to be a complicated area of law. In dog bite-related attacks, an owner may be accused of being negligent if:

  • The pet owner fails to keep his/her dog in a secured area
  • The pet owner lets his/her dog run freely with no leash
  • The pet owner's dog is clearly invading others' personal space with reprimanding

Dog's Propensity to Bite

The owner's knowledge of such propensity can be gathered based on numerous types of evidence. Some of the most common types of evidence that's been used to determine notice that a dog had the propensity to bite would include:

  • past attacks of the dog (see North Carolina's one-bite law here)
  • overuse of cages of chains to restrain the dog
  • previous verbal warnings by the owner about the dog's behavior
  • a 'Beware of Dog' sign posted, or lack thereof

Be sure to check out our Personal Injury FAQ page to learn more personal injury-specific details. We would love to clear up any question you may have!

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