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Business Litigation in Civil District Court

A business litigation attorney works closely with their client to help resolve a business dispute and achieve the most desirable outcome for that client. Our Cary and Wake Forest attorney work to ensure your dispute is handled professionally and timely.

Cary District Court Division

Business Litigation Attorney: What is their role?

A business litigation attorney is available to help settle business complications, such as disputes between an employee and the business or disputes between business partners. Often, business litigants will choose to take their cases into the District Court Division because cases can work through the process and get to trial quicker and be less expensive to litigate than in the higher level Superior Court Division.

While the District Court Division’s jurisdictional amount is set between $10,000.00 and $25,000.00, District Court judges and juries are not bound by these limits and may award verdicts supported by the evidence presented. This flexibility often makes District Court litigation a preferred option for business owners.

In North Carolina, corporations and limited liability companies engaged in civil litigation are required to retain legal representation.

Neither the shareholders of the corporation nor the members of the limited liability company, can represent themselves in court or “speak” for the company in a court proceeding. Unfortunately, some business owners don’t realize this until they find themselves in the courtroom and learn this fact from the presiding judge.

Appeals From Small Claims Court

Another route by which business owners find themselves in District Court is when there has been an appeal from a small claims court ruling. In small claims court (also known as magistrate court) either party can decide to appeal the magistrate judge’s ruling for a new trial at the District Court level.

The services of an experienced civil litigation attorney are vital to the business owner in this circumstance. The business litigant can expect to face an arbitration hearing, and then possibly, trial before a judge or jury.

Business litigations at the District Court level run the gamut from collections, to contract, partnership, and shareholder disputes to controversies over the interpretation of limited liability operating agreements, just to name a few. Taking the business law case to trial in the District Court Division can be the better option in many instances.

Business Litigation FAQs

Business litigation law is concerned with the resolution of non-criminal disputes arising from commercial and business transactions. Some common types of issues that fall under business litigation law include allegations of breach of contract or fraud. If you are involved in a dispute of this nature, seeking the guidance of an trusted attorney can help you protect your interests and achieve a favorable outcome.

A business litigation attorney is available to help settle business complications, such as absolving business debt or helping your business receive the money you are owed by haven’t been paid yet. A business litigation attorney offers legal advice such as steps to incorporate a business as an LLC. In this case, your attorney will guide you through the steps of forming an LLC so you can achieve the best outcome for your business.

A business litigation is the actual process of resolving a dispute through the court system. Litigations involved two parties, their attorneys, and a judge. On the other hand, a lawsuit is the legal action taken upon one party to sue another party for a wrongful act.

The most common reasons for a business litigation is due to the breach of contract which can involve, employees, business partners, vendors, contractors, and even customers. Since there are numerous contracts in business law, it is important to understand the complexities so you can either avoid a litigation or successfully navigate a litigation.

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