How to Handle Personal Injury & Auto Accidents

According to insurance industry estimates, the typical driver will be in 3 to 4 auto accidents over a lifetime. Despite advancements in auto safety, thousands of Americans are injured and killed every year in auto accidents. If you have never been hurt in a car wreck, consider yourself lucky. Most of us have, or will have, this frightening experience at least once in our lives.

Car crashes happen in an instant. Certainly, some collisions are catastrophic and the victims are obviously and profoundly injured. These people are rushed to the hospital and their care is immediately placed in the hands of medical professionals. What about crashes when the impacts are less severe and the injured victim may not immediately appear to have a serious injury? How the injured party reacts in this situation and the steps taken immediately after the accident will have a tremendous impact on whether or not fair and adequate compensation can be obtained later.

Don't "Tough it Out." Seek Medical Attention

Remember that even if the physical damage to the cars involved does not appear to be that severe, the occupants may still have sustained serious injury.  If there has been any kind of trauma at all, EMS must be called to the scene. This is no time to be a hero or feel self-conscious.  Don’t hesitate to have the ambulance take you to the emergency room. You have nothing to lose by being thoroughly checked out right away. Waiting days or weeks, trying to tough it out, only to find out later you have suffered a real and debilitating injury will cause you serious problems. To learn more information regarding car crash-related personal injury cases, be sure to check out our personal injury FAQ page.

Auto Insurance Companies Are Not in the Business of Paying Injury Claims

Auto insurance companies would prefer not to pay, or at least limit, payment of these claims. Merely being in an accident does not automatically entitle you to compensation.  Contrary to insurance company propaganda in TV commercials, there is no epidemic of people getting to accidents on purpose and faking injuries to drive up your insurance rates.

A fundamental truth is that the only way injured people in North Carolina recover damages in auto accident cases is to have suffered an actual and provable injury. Without documented medical evidence of real injury, insurance companies don’t pay, and juries don’t award, compensation to accident victims. It is an absolute imperative that you document your injuries with medical professionals from the very moment the accident happens: go to the ER, follow up with your regular doctor, see the specialist, take and complete your physical therapy.

Contact Your NC Personal Injury Lawyer

An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you, but no lawyer can document your injury with medical evidence. Knowing what to do from the first moments is the single best protection you can have against the time you may find yourself hurt in a car crash.

We have over 25 years experience helping injured people in Cary, Raleigh, Wake Forest and across North Carolina. After getting the medical care you need, the second most important thing to do is call a dedicated law firm that knows how to get the best result for you. We are that law firm. Personal injury consultations are free and we can come to you.

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