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Having Trouble Collecting a Business Debt?

Having a small business collections attorney in Wake Forest can be the remedy when you are having trouble getting paid. Running a small business is full of challenges, not the least of which is getting paid for the goods and services customers have purchased. The past few years have shown us how problematic the economy has been for small businesses. With the COVID pandemic, the inability to pay and/or slow paying customers have been fundamental issues that have affected our economy.

As a small business owner, you must get paid for services and goods that you have provided or else you can see your business suffer and even dissolve. There are several options you can take when an account goes unpaid, and an experienced small business collections attorney in Wake Forest can help guide you. The Doyle Law Offices, P.A. has experience disputing contracts and helping small businesses deal with unpaid debts. Call us today at  (984) 235-1067.

What Does a Debt Collection Attorney Do?

Your time is better spent running your business than dealing with debt collection. Using a Wake Forest business attorney who knows the laws related to debt collection is well worth it. A small business debt collection attorney can represent you and come up with strategies to pursue getting the money you are owed. If a situation has evolved to the point of a lawsuit, an attorney can file the lawsuit, write responses, and represent you in court.

Correspond on Your Behalf

A letter from an attorney on their letterhead goes a long way in getting the money you are owed. The threat of legal action is powerful. A collections attorney may be able to get your money more quickly than if you proceed on your own. Most people become afraid that they will encounter legal action when receiving a letter from an attorney, and are more likely to pay.

File a Lien for a Construction Account that is Unpaid

Chapter 44A of the N.C. General Statutes specifies the procedures a contractor can use to file a claim of lien on funds and the property itself. There are specific terms and formalities required to file valid and enforceable liens. An experienced small business collections attorney, like Doyle Law Offices, can assist you if your business needs to file a lien.

Debt Collection Litigation

You can collect unpaid accounts through civil litigation in the courts. Debts that are below $5,000 are litigated in magistrate court. Debts owed up to $25,000 are handled in District Court. Controversies that are valued over $25,000 are usually handled in Superior Court.

For over 25 years, attorney Hank Doyle has assisted small businesses and individuals in collecting debts they are owed. He provides personal attention and takes the time to understand your situation in determining the most effective route for collecting unpaid accounts.

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