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If you find that you need to file a lawsuit, and don’t know how to do so or where to begin, we recommend that you speak with a civil litigation attorney. An attorney who is experienced in civil litigation can help you move through what can be a complicated process. At our Wake Forest law firm our strategy is to arrive at long-term solutions that are cost-effective and support your basic and legal rights. The resulting outcome often exceeds our clients’ expectations. Founding attorney Hank Doyle has over 25 years of experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in civil lawsuits of many types.

Types of Civil Litigation Matters We Work With

The majority of civil litigation matters involve commercial or contract disputes. Contract terms are often unclear; this is especially true when the contract in dispute is an insurance agreement. This makes it essential to have assertive and experienced legal representation. If your business is a corporation, it may be illegal to represent yourself in court.

The Doyle Law Offices, PA take the same focused approach to:

Our expertise and commitment in working these cases typically results in these issues being resolved out of court. This saves our clients both time and money, and avoids an unwanted lengthy court proceeding.

What You Can Expect in a Civil Litigation

Our clients can make the best possible decisions from our thorough communication that sets expectations. For a startup business that is unfamiliar with the litigation process, this is essential.

Many times an out-of-court settlement comes as the result of a well-crafted demand letter. Our professional team knows how to precisely articulate claims, disclaim possible defenses, and present evidence in a few paragraphs.

If liability is contested, our civil litigation attorneys in Wake Forest usually file legal paperwork in court. Taking this aggressive stance protects our client’s legal rights and pressures the other side to settle.

At this point, the judge usually hears procedural motions. From our diligent preparation early on, the other side’s motions rarely succeed. Additionally, our team’s work can normally show when a claim is without merit and have it thrown out of court.

The next phase is discovery. This allows each party to exchange information regarding their claims and defenses. It’s during this phase that many settlements occur because both sides show all their information.

If the case remains unresolved, many Wake County judges move the matter to mediation. During a mediation, a third party works with both sides to carve out a settlement agreement. If the parties aren’t extremely far apart in their positions and are negotiating in good faith, mediation is usually successful.

Sometimes contracts require mediation, arbitration, or another form of alternative dispute resolution. Attorney Hank Doyle is experienced in all aspects of non-litigation matters and approaches them with the same persistence and determination.

Come to a Quicker Resolution in Your Civil Litigation Case with Assistance from a Civil Litigation Attorney in Wake Forest

When you have a civil litigation matter, you want representation that gets a successful resolution. Our team at Doyle Law Offices, P.A. does just that. We understand that a lengthy court case disrupts your life. We handle lawsuits in NC District Court and NC Superior Court for clients in Wake Forest, Cary, Raleigh, Apex, Holly Springs, Morrisville and greater Wake County.

Frequently Asked Questions

Civil litigation can include any dispute between two or more private parties. Some categories for civil litigation cases are:

Some specific examples of civil litigation cases are:

  • Car accident victim is injured and sues the driver who hit them for negligence
  • Business sues another business over intellectual property rights to a product
  • Homeowner sues a contractor after a contractor damages their property and does not fix the damage
  • Doctor, hospital or healthcare provider does not provide medical care that meets the basic standard of care for a condition and it results in a medical malpractice lawsuit
  • Business owner files Temporary Restraining Order 

There are three courts that can take on civil litigation cases. The court your case will be handled in depends on the amount of money in dispute.

  1. Small Claims Court, also known as Magistrate Court handles claims under $10,000.
  2. District Court handles claims under $25,000.
  3. Superior Court handles all claims above $25,000.
  1. Civil cases involve disputes between private party disputes, while criminal cases are brought on by the government against an individual accused of committing a crime. 
  2. In a criminal case, the standard for proof is much higher as prosecutors must prove their case “beyond a reasonable doubt”, while in a civil case the plaintiff must prove their case “by a preponderance of the evidence”.
  3. In a criminal case, every defendant has a right to an attorney, whereas defendants in civil cases do not.

If you find yourself involved in a lawsuit, or you need to file a lawsuit yourself, you may need a civil litigation attorney. There are many benefits to having a civil litigation attorney by your side fighting for your interests and advising you along the way. For example, attorneys with a lot of experience may be able to settle your case outside of court and avoid a drawn out court battle.

Things like the type and complexity of the case can change the duration from just a few months to several years. In some instances it can take over two years to even get to trial. If a case is settled through mediation outside of court, it may take much less time. There are also ways to seek immediate relief through Temporary Restraining Orders and Preliminary Injunctions to prevent continued harm.

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